"Successful Aging by the Numbers" is a funny, accessible, and practical guide to later life. Equal parts comedian, data nerd and medical professional, the author distills data and statistics down to clear and amusing messages. Flip it open to any section and discover research-proven, vivid and entertaining answers to the questions we ask as we get older. 

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 This guide will keep you laughing as you learn: 

  • Which one of your children is most likely to take care of you in your later years?
  • Why is it harder to connect with children now, and how can you reach them?
  • Why do some people end up in a nursing home? How they feel about it, and how can you avoid it?
  • When will Medicare pay for a nursing home stay, and how much?
  • Why should you sit down to put your pants on?
  • What is the “Secret” of living to 100?
  • Why you (probably) won’t drop dead.
  • What is the one thing you must do to be resilient into your nineties?

Elizabeth Letcher spent over thirty years up to her elbows in medical data. She learned to keep executives interested by reducing mountains of data down to powerful images, and by rewarding good follow-up questions with cookies.